What Should I Expect From The Mediator and Do I Need To Have My Lawyer Present?

The mediator should be highly professional, caring, patient and well educated in the subject matter that needs to be settled between the disputants. The mediator should also have the ability to maintain decorum within the mediation process. Prior to getting started with the process, the mediator should fully explain to the disputants about the mediation process, in addition to what to expect; and, be able to answer any/all questions that can be poised upon them from the disputants prior to and during the process.

You do not need to have your lawyer present with you in the mediation process; because, typically, the disputant is trying to work together with the other party members to come to an amicable process. Mediation rules are straight forward and it’s not a lot of them and people involved in the process can usually make their decisions on their own. Should you want to hire an attorney, be sure that they are truly supportive of the process.

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