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I am very passionate about my work as a Professional Mediator and I am equally concerned about the negative manners that are being used by our world’s populace for choosing to settle their differences. The passion for my work also feeds into the compassion that I have for individuals who do not know the best methods for resolving their differences, other than what they have seen on television, at the movie theatre, as they are watching the news or learned from their homes. I want people to know that outlandish negative behavior is not conducive for having a healthy, thriving populace. My interest is to bring awareness to those who are seeking a better and more expeditious resolution method for their problem(s). The question is, when we find ourselves in the middle of the aforementioned, what is the most profound way or strategic method that can be employed in order to alleviate this negativity that we must now deal with? The topics I discuss with my guests on this subject matter are very interesting, educational and inspirational to hopefully give guidance to those who are seeking resolution of their issue.

In addition to my passion for the practice of Professional Mediation, I want to talk to people and to inform them about factual information  to our globalized society that can and or will have a positive or negative effect on our daily lives. As of November 2016, which marked my 2nd year anniversary with Internet Radio, I changed my program name from “Put It All On The Table Through Mediation” to “Here’s Theresa.”  Although, the Profession of Mediation will remain a topic of many discussions; however, the name change gives me the opportunity to broaden my scope of topics being discussed, which will be more edifying for my listening audience and, also, it gives me the capability for a wider selection of guests who are knowledgeable in their field pertaining to the topic(s) being discussed, while still maintaining an interesting, educational and well rounded discussions on my radio program.

My shows are archived and you can listen to them by visiting the following URL for “Here’s Theresa” at:


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